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    Introducing the Pyne Pod Boost, a disposable vape device that offers Boost Mode. Boost Mode is a unique feature that enhances the flavor and vapor production of the device with just two clicks. Boost Mode activates a second coil that has lower resistance and higher performance, but it may reduce the number of puffs you can get from the device. The Pyne Pod Boost can deliver about 6000 puffs in Boost Mode and 8500 puffs in normal mode, which is still impressive. Boost Mode is ideal for those who want a more intense vaping experience.


    The Pyne Pod Boost also has an on-off button to prevent unwanted activation, which is uncommon in draw-activated disposable vapes. It also has a USB-C charging port that can fully charge the 550mAh battery in half an hour. You can easily monitor the battery level and the e-liquid level with the displays on the device. The device uses 5 percent nicotine salt e-liquid, which comes in a variety of flavors that are specially designed to match the advanced coil technology and the dual mode performance of the Pyne Pod Boost.



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