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    The Husky Cyber 8000 has a powerful 650mAh battery and a large 18ml e-liquid capacity that will last you for days or even weeks. You can vape anytime, anywhere, without worrying about running low on power or juice.


    The Husky Cyber 8000 is not only convenient and versatile, but also stylish and fun. It has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and mouth. It also has a colorful LED light that changes according to the flavor you are vaping. It’s like having a mini disco in your pocket.


    The Husky Cyber 8000 is brought to you by KONTAM VAPE, the leading producer, wholesaler, and distributor of high-quality e-liquids and disposable vape devices. KONTAM VAPE is known for its innovation and reliability in the vaping industry. You can trust that the Husky Cyber 8000 is made with premium ingredients and materials that will give you the best vaping experience ever.


    So don’t wait any longer. Get your Husky Cyber 8000 Disposable Vape Device E-Cigarette today and discover why it’s the best disposable vape device on the market. You’ll love it.


    *All of our disposable e-cigs are manufactured with high quality and supplied in competitive prices. We are looking forward to cooperating with the global importers and distributors. Custom disposable e-cigs manufacturing or OEM, ODM service is available.

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